Be A Model

The Stylists at Casals at Clarendon will evaluate your hair’s condition, length and texture to determine if it is appropriate for the color, cut or styles we offer and whether or not the techniques and tools we use are suitable for your hair type. We do our best to ensure that our stylists are able to appropriately practice the techniques on attending model clients, and that our models receive a style suitable for them. It is our goal that both stylists and model walk away from the experience happy.



Are models compensated?

If you are a model for our In house education, compensation usually comes in the form of your complimentary hair cut or colour , unless stated otherwise.

For specific large events models will be compensated – we will advise you per event what the compensation will be.

What if I don’t want to cut my hair?

That’s OK.  Models do not necessarily have to receive a hair cut.  Some models will be used for hair colour, styling or make up only.

Even if you do not want to receive a hair cut, we encourage you to complete an online application as we are always looking for models for styling or hair colour only.

Do I have a say in what will be done to my hair?

As a participant model for an In house Casals education training  there will be a consultation prior to your services.

For a Casals  Show, The Artists will inform you in detail of the kind of look they are hoping to achieve.  It is then up to you to decide whether or not you would like to participate.

How are models selected?

Models for our I house education or guest artist education  will be emailed as needed at least one week prior to a hair cut, hair colour or makeup session. Models are selected on a first come, first served basis. For large events we will host a final model call prior to selecting models. We will contact you with information regarding the final call at least one week in advance. At the final model call the Artist will describe the desired outcome and select models based on their criteria for a specific look. Models will be selected based on their openness to receiving the specific look, as well as their availability to participate in our event.
What kind of events does Casals De Spa & Salon host?

Many of our models will have their hair cut and colored at our Casals Clarendon location.  Employees of Casals De Spa & Salon are licensed hair stylists, color technicians and makeup artists who are learning advanced classes for updated information on trends and advanced technical training.

Other events and opportunities include:

  • Photo shoots
  • Runway shows


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